VELUT AEGRUM l Rui Pedro Chagas

Série réalisée lors du stage d’Antoine d’Agata, 2018.

“Like feathers fal ling down and apartas twisted punches
Unravelling thoughts succumbing and fading
The stains of pain that stick”
Rui Pedro Chagas

Rui Pedro Chagas was born in Lisbon, Portugal. Living in Munich, Germany. Studied Photography in Lisbon at MEF (Movimento de Expressão Fotográfica), 2013-2015.

Workshops / Masterclasses: Jordi Burch (Lisbon) 2015, Richard Kalvar (Paris) 2016, Nikos Economopoulos (Peloponneso, Greece) 2016, Irina Popova (Istanbul) 2016, Paulo Nozolino (Arles) 2017, Paris Photo with Kristin Dittrich 2017, Storytelling in Documentary Photography with Corinne Noordenbos (Vienna) 2018, Martin Kollar (Vienna) 2018, Antoine d’Agata (Arles) 2018, Simon Roberts (Vienna) 2018.

Projects / Publications: Collective Documentary Photography with MEF: Portuguese small villages, 2015. Book “+5:30”, India, 2015. São Tomé e Príncipe (African Islands), 2016. Book “Cadernos do Oriente”, South-east Asia (HongKong, Macau, China & Vietnam), 2017.

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