MURMURES l Silvia Schwarte

Série réalisée lors du stage de Claudine Doury, 2018.

Climbing through a broken window to enter this old burned house… seeing the angle in the wallpaper who seems to welcome me, invite me to have a closer look… wandering around these old abandoned factories… i listen to the whispers of all the ancient walls which seem to tell so many stories…

Silvia Schwarte

Silvia schwarte is a german photographer, based in geneva, switzerland, since 2007.
Having graduated from berlin and duesseldorf universities as pharmacist and public health specialist, over the past decade, photography has become an ever growing passion in her life. her particular interest lies in combining documentary and fine art photography and she has taken a number of national and international classes and workshops with renowned photographers such as Yoshi Shimizu, Peter Turnley, Claudine Doury, Alex Webb & Rebecca Norris Webb, Thomas Dworzak and Antoine d’Agata.
Since 2016, she has started participating in group and solo photo exhibitions, both in private galleries and at the united nations, in geneva and lausanne, switzerland.

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