Série réalisée lors du stage de Julien Magre 2019.

 » Why are you growin’ up so fast
My boy?
Oh, you’d better take your time
My boy.
I thought we had just begun.
Why are you growin’ up so fast
My son?
– Neil Young –

Having a baby allows you to take the time to really look at things. What is the baby staring at for
ages with such great fascination? A play of light, of colors? The whole is broken down into single
pieces, beautiful fragments – a sense for detail that we have lost. But have we? Or are those
memories of our first reflections still inside us? Using a baby‘s perspective means taking aside
patterns and common ideas of things and look at them anew. To reveal details that maybe allow us
to see the whole in a new light.
Tobias Brecht. »

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