Série réalisée lors du stage de Laurence Leblanc, 2018.

Le regard porté sur un détail qui se transforme en laissant entrevoir la cohérence et la beauté des choses.
Merci à Laurence pour son approche sensible et à Quentin pour sa collaboration.

Ana Casal

She was born in Punta Alta, a city port, in the South East of the province of Buenos Aires, in Argentina.
She attended courses of Art History in Madrid, Spain. Ana worked as a French Teacher and won a scholarship to the University of Caen, Normand, in France.
She also attended courses related to Lighting and Portrait with Pablo Garber at the Cultural Center Jorge Luis Borges and continued training at the Studio of David Beniluz.
She participated in seminars related to different techniques with Marcelo Bogliolo. She attended the workshops “From the thoughts to the Image”, by Lena Szankay.
She studied at the Escuela Argentina de Fotografía.
Nowadays, she takes part in the Workshop of Abraham Votroba. And also in Valeria Bellusci’s Photographic Essay “History in the Palm of the Hand” Workshop at Rencontres d’Arles. “A sensitive history” with Laurence Leblanc. Different production stages of a photographic Project. Presentation of a personal serievand exhibition at the Maison des Stages, Arles, France. Her photographs “Reflection” are part of private collections.


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