ARABIC TOUCH l Monika Barth

Série réalisée lors du stage d’Antoine d’Agata, 2018.

Walking in cities, ready to encounter, be it on the surface even underneath. Pictures are a chance to live.
Happened to be pulled in a mosque by an Imam.
Put my attention on traces of Arabic life in Arles: ghettos, bars, streetlife.
Parcours of being thrown out, being accepted and being welcome.
Felt the gap.


Minoka Barth

Photographer based near Hamburg, Germany.
Life as a theatre actress and other experiences.
Photographed seriously since 2008.
Travelling. Local Exhibitions. Masterclasses.
– 2016 invitation to portfolioshow of DFA
-2017 Solo exhibition (3 series) at PARIS, Marais.
selfpublished photobook MONA L.
– 2018 handmade photobook « Beyond Boundaries, not afraid of the dark. »
Shortlisted with MONA KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO 2018.


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