UNEXPLORED | Urs Grunder

Série réalisée lors du stage d’Antoine D’Agata 2019.

« In my photographic work, I have been dealing with the problem and the apparent contradiction of visible reality and a hidden reality for years.

With the help of the exploration of light and its shadows, I dive into other dimensions and show the interplay of visible and hidden reality in a new way.

The shadow is like the symbol of a deeper order – a hidden reality – comparable to the implicit order of the quantum physicist David Bohm.

Reflections are the amalgamation of realities. Reality is in itself infinitely often mirrored, in unendingly many ways, just like the entanglement of quantum physical particles.

With the technical options of the thermal imaging camera, it is possible to make hidden dimensions visible. My presence in life is made tangible as a thermal presence, as a sign of my existence in this universe, partly even as a doubling of my radiated heat.

Is this, my reality, the only true and real one? »

Born 1951 in Bern / Switzerland
Lives and works in Bolligen near Bern
Many exhibitions at home and abroad
Various publications and prizes

Site de l’auteur : https://www.ursgrunder.ch

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